The original log cabin was constructed in 1934 from native spruce, harvested entirely from the surrounding woods.  Known for many years as "The Log Cabin", this rustic mountain lodge was a boarding house for hunters and other outdoorsmen.  During a typical deer hunting week, extra cots overflowed into the dining room.  Long rows of cots were installed against the wall, while hearty Pennsylvania Dutch Style meals were served on tables lining the other wall.  In 1946, the  current Fern Ridge Motel was built using stones removed from  the ski slopes at Big Boulder Park. 

In 1979, the log cabin was sold to  Ed Murphy and Bill Lauff.  Murphy's Loft opened on September 29, 1979.  In 1995, a major renovation was completed, which added a glass dining room, outdoor bar and deck, and a swimming pool to the existing structure.   The Fern Ridge Motel was renovated in the Spring of 2005.

Murphy's Loft and the Fern Ridge Motel continue to be owned and operated by the Lauff family.